I have a few people on here who are mourning the loss of Yousef Maree, and all I can say is my sorry. I told Marc Sorrentino this last night in reference to the situation and it holds true for everyone else:

There isn’t any difference between losing a family member and a friend, they’re the same thing. The sadness and grief permeates everything, and for that, I am sorry. Everyone affected needs to gravitate together and help each other out, including Yousef’s family, during this melancholy time. Having this happen around the holidays will only augment the sorrow, but in times like this when you lose someone, you have to smile and be happy a little harder than usual to make up for the fact Yousef is gone.

I know its a shot in the dark, but I know I’ve gone through the devastation of losing someone close to me who took there own life, and I want to pay back the love and support I got, so if anyone needs to talk or just vent, I’m here. Stay as positive as you all can, and I hope Yousef rests in peace, for himself, his family, and for all of you.